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Frequently Asked Questions

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I made this little note to help people out with what I do/don't do before contacting me.

Q. Do you make Sprint Car replicas?

A. No, we merely make decals for people to build or make their own replica.

Q. Can you make decals of my real Sprint Car?

A. If you own the car and can get me the artwork from your graphics company then, probably. I will resize and print them for you in 1/24 or 1/18 scale. Cost is dependent on time and materials involved. Email or message me for more info.

Q. Can you make decals of an old car I have a picture of?

A. Most likely the answer is no. I say this because I cant make decals from 1 picture. It takes at LEAST 4. 1 good picture of each side and 1 of the front and back. More pictures equal a better chance of them happening. I take a huge amount of pride in the quality of my decals. I am no cut-and-paste hack. I redraw all the artwork and vectorize every logo and number I can.

Q. Is this your sole source of income?

A. No. I have a 40+hour a week job. Even more importantly I have a wife and 3 kids that need a lot of my time, energy and attention.

Q. How do you decide what cars you make decals for?

A. A large part of what becomes a decal sheet is 1. Pictures of the real car. 2. The popularity of the driver and if the sheet has a good chance to sell in the store. 3. Time involved. Sorry folks but I do this to make money and because I have a true passion for Sprint Cars and models. This was started many years ago just making decals for myself for my own projects. Now I've done well over 100 different sheets.

Q. Do you make Late Model or Modified decals?

A. No. Sprint cars, and an occasional Midget and Silver Crown car. 99% Sprint Cars.

Q. What type of decals are these?

A. Everything I print is on an ALPS printer and they are waterslide just like the decals that come in the kits. The R/C wraps are all automotive grade vinyl.

Q. Is there a complete list of ALL the decals that are available?

A. Sort of. On the message board at there is a thread where Frank D. (dirtnonwingfan) has compiled a list of what all Ive done over the years. One of these days I will sit down and make my own master list of what is still available. There was a decent amount of artwork lost in "The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2010".

Q. Can I call you with questions?

A. With work and family I REALLY prefer messages and or emails. Even texting is a much better option for me.
OR TEXT me at 574-835-5558.
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